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Cancellation Policy
Although we will make every effort to give a reminder about a scheduled appointment, it is the client’s responsibility to give us 24-hours notice regardless if we gave a reminder or not. If a scheduled appointment is cancelled with less than 24-hour notice and we cannot fill the cancelled appointment a fee of $25 will be charged. No further service will be provided until the cancellation fee is paid.

Returned Check Fee
Any check returned to us due to insufficient funds will result in a $25 returned check fee. No further service will be provided until the returned check fee is paid.

Late Fee
A late fee of $10 is charged for any account over Thirty 30 days past due. No further service will be provided until the late fee is paid.

Administrative Fee
Any accounts over Ninety 90 days delinquent will receive an additional $15 administrative fee.

Accepted Payment Methods
We accept cash, check, money order or equivalent. Payment is due upon completion of services.

Authorization and Consent
We require your pet to have a Rabies Vaccination prior to service as required be local law. All other vaccines are not required. Your pet will not come into contact with any other pet while in our unit. We require an Authorization and Consent to be filled out before service is rendered.

We reserve the right to change our pricing, time of appointment, policies
and/or fees at any time without notice. Any verbal reminder we may give is provided as a courtesy, and it is the responsibility of the customer to cancel any scheduled appointment whether or not a reminder was given with more than 24 hours' notice. By making an appointment, you acknowledge and accept these terms.


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